It’s been a very good Neo day

First this happened

And then my baby was notable!!

I guess I really need to make a Neopets dedicated tumblr as I’m sure my non-neopets followers could care less about these posts.

Damn you!

You know cookies are my weakness

Thanks to my Daughters

I let them choose the mortog and this happened!

I Love Coming Home to This:

Another win! Been a really good week XD

Yes, I’m watching the Killing and dressing up my pets!

Fuck Yes!

Considering I just did a giveaway that cost me about 500k, this is awesome!

My Labbie Dressed Up

And did I mention how much I love these new cave lights? OH YEAH.







These NC items total a value of 340 caps. Going by the price of GBCs (200nc) those items all together are worth approximately $680. Before the price update and the usual price of mystery caps was 250NC they would have been worth $850.

Oh my god. D:

& there are other NC items that are even more expensive.  MME1-B1: Sputtering Grey Mini-Monster & Attack of the Revenge are worth around 250-300 caps each. That’s up to $1,500!!. NC trading is crazy, y’all.

huh, there are items that are worth a lot more… take the Sputtering Grey Mini-Monster (250-300caps), the Gold and Maractite Fish Shield (150-200), the Attack of the Revenge Background (200-250) or Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries (180-200)

Ya, I edited those in just before you reblogged! But I was talking about those items pictured because those are the ones sat in my neocloset gathering dust, even though I spent a couple of weeks trading for them! I use my AotR and fish shield but I never traded for those so I don’t feel as guilty about owning pixels worth more than $1000 (if real world trading were allowed on Neo).

what, you actually have them?? woah, rich person lmao.

I’d be rich if I could sell those pixels… LOL. D:

I…uh…have all of them except for Thespian, which I gifted to a friend years ago.  D:  And you’re shitting me - my AotR is going for 300 fucking caps???

I still can’t believe GMC is going for 70 now!! I remember I got mine for a nutcracker jacket lol

I Did It!!

Finally, after saving and saving I morphed S into a draik XD I’m so ecstatic and I don’t give a flying hornswallow who knows.